Founded in 2005, Hong Kong Optometric Services Limited has been providing professional primary eye care and innovative vision care products in Hong Kong. We serve only one goal – to enhance quality of vision.

Our Optometrist, Mr Tony Chung, who holds a bachelor degree in Optometry as well as a master degree in Health Services Management, is a Registered Optometrist (Part I) in Hong Kong for over 20 years. Apart from providing primary eye care services, he is also certified in practising orthokeratology and prescribing specialty contact lenses for patients with corneal problems such as keratoconus and pellucid marginal degeneration. Moreover, he collaborates with ophthalmologists from both private and public sectors in co-management of post ocular surgery complications such as corneal ectasia and irregular astigmatism after corneal transplant. Additionally, he also aims at benefiting patients in need of visual rehabilitation using different visual aids. Tony is willing to listen and pleased to provide customized services to cater for the needs of patients.


Comprehensive Eye Exam

Regular eye examination is an important preventive measure to protect our vision from the sight-threatening eye diseases


Spectacles and Contact Lens Dispensing

We provide professional advice and recommendation to help you to choose the right spectacles and contact lenses


Specialty Contact Lenses

We have different types of specialty contact lenses such as hybrid lens, scleral lens to help you to restore your valuable vision.


Myopic Control

We provide different ways to help to control your myopia such as orthokeratology, Miyosmart,  MyoVision, and MiSight soft contact lens


Driving License and Vessel operator Eye Exam

Whether you are applying your driving license or vessel operator, we will provide the necessary eye exams for your application.



Hong Kong Optometric Services Limited

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