Specialty Contact Lenses

Rose K, bitoric gas permeable, Synergeyes hybrid lens, Scleral Lenses, and Prosthetic Lenses

Specialty Contact Lenses

In certain eye conditions, such as keratoconus or corneal injury, the cornea will become so irregular that glasses are unable to improve the quality of vision. In these cases, special custom-made contact lenses are required to correct the corneal irregularity in order to restore the potential visual acuity of the eye. With many years of experience, we helped hundreds of customers in regaining their visions with special designed contact lenses. Thanks to the advanced lens designs and high comfortability of the lenses. These bring new experience to our customers in visual rehabilitation.


Custom-made soft lenses

Custom-made soft lens is indicated when the fitting or parameters of the commercially available contact lenses are not suitable for the customer. For example, in eyes with high astigmatic power, extreme long-sighted or short-sighted. Custom-made soft lens with thick design can mask up minor irregularity of the cornea, thus it is often used in managing low irregular astigmatism. It is relatively comfortable, easy to handle, and provide good oxygen transmission to cornea.

Gas permeable lenses

Conventional gas permeable or rigid gas permeable (RGP) contact lens is a small diameter (usually <10 mm) hard lens. Custom designed RGP can effectively correct corneal irregularity, if the lens can be seated stably in the center of the cornea. However, in situation like advanced keratoconus when the “cone” is badly decentered, the lens may “rock” on the cornea, causing visual disturbance and corneal abrasion. In addition, due to its small in diameter, the lens edge is resting on the cornea which irritates the eye and causes discomfort to patients.

Hybrid lenses

Hybrid contact lens is a combination of a hard and a soft lens, like a RGP surrounded by a soft skirt. When compared to RGP, the hybrid lens provides patient with better comfort and more stable vision as it does not have a lot of movement over the cornea. However, in some sensitive patients, they will still “feel” the presence of the lens and find it irritating.

Scleral lenses

Scleral lens is a large diameter RGP that extends its edge to the sclera (white color part of the eye). The lens rests on the sclera with its center part vaulting over the entire cornea. Therefore it does not even touch the highly sensitive cornea. As a result, it provides high comfort to patients in addition to stable and high quality of vision. The solution in between the cornea and the back surface of the lens, act as a fluid reservoir to moisturize the cornea. Thus scleral lens is also use as therapeutic lens in patient with dry eyes. We have lenses from different countries such as Onefit scleral lens from Canada, Swiss lens from Switzerland.


Prosthetic lenses

The design of prosthetic contact lenses is similar to a cosmetic contact lens which can change the color of the eye. The main difference is that prosthetic contact lens is usaully fit in one eye, the defective eye. The primary function of it is to improve the appearance of an eye. Prosthetic contact can also act as an artificial pupil to limit the amount of light entering the eye. This is particularly helpful in eyes with permanent dilated pupil, aniridia or iris atrophy to improve the symptoms of light sensitivity and glare.

The right specialty contact lens

Every contact lens has its strengths and weaknesses. We will perform a thorough evaluation on your eyes, provide you with lens fitting, lens trials to find out the best contact lens for you.