Spectacles and Contact Lenses

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Spectacles and contact lens dispensing

Spectacles dispensing

The right frame and the right lens!

Having the right pair of glasses on your face not only improves your vision but also your self-confidence. We provide a wide variety of frames and opthalmic lenses for executive, business, professional, leisure and general use. With our professional advices, your glasses will become functional as well as fashionable.

Frame and lens selection

The selection of frame and lens is sometimes limited by the refractive status of your eyes, especially when you are highly long-sighted or short-sighted. Due to the high power of the corrective lenses, they are usually very thick in the center (long-sighted) or very thick in the periphery (short-sighted). In such situations, the shape and size of the frame together with the material and refractive index of the lens play an important role in the appearance of the glasses, when it is finally suited on your face. Apart from high power lenses, other lenses with special functions like multifocal or photochromatic lens, may not be fitted into frames that the shapes are too small. We will provide you with professional advice on your choice, discuss with you the pros and cons and the expected outcome so as to help you to choose the right frame and lens that fit your needs.


We offer frames and sunglasses that are manufactured by the world class eyewear companies which include LINDBERG, MYKITA, Lunor, Lafont, Oliver Peoples and Rudy Project. Kids and sports wears are also available from some of these companies.


By function, we have single vision lens, progressive (multifocal) lens, photochromatic (transition) lens, tinted lens, polarizing lens, mirror-coated lens, office or business lens for near and intermediate vision, computer lens (blue light filter), drive-safe lens (anti-glare), anti-reflective lens, UV proof lens.

By refractive index and lens design, we have CR39, 1.56, 1.6, 1.67, and ultra thin 1.74 plastic lenses. Spherical or aspherical lens and bi-aspherical lenses are also available. We mainly adopt lenses from Carl Zeiss (Germany) and Hoya (Japan), for their high quality and advanced technology.

General contact lenses dispensing

The right contact lens

Contact lens fitting and care illustration by professional is essential to protect your eyes from harm before you get your contact lens. Whether you are intended for a single occasion use or use it on a regular basis, you must have your optometrist to check the suitability of the contact lens on your eyes. Improper use of contact lens can cause severe eye infection or inflammation which may lead to blindness. In HKOS, we provide professional contact lens fitting service with various types of contact lens to suit your need.

By function, we have single vision contact lens, multifocal contact lens for correction of presbyopia, toric contact lens for correction of astigmatism. We also provide special function contact lens for therapeutic use.

By material and replacement schedule, we have rigid gas permeable (RGP) contact lens, soft contact lens with low and high water content, hydrogel and silicone hydrogel, daily, biweekly, monthly disposable contact lens and conventional custom-made yearly replacement contact lens.